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Big Animation Studio, Circa 2000

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Case Studies
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A Vocabulary for Diagrams

Case Studies

Pipelines from around the industry, interpreted in terms of the patterns. This section will evolve the most, as I (and hopefully others!) continue to add more case studies.

Big Animation Studio, Circa 2000

In the early days, when times (and pipelines) were simpler.

Planned Content

These are all pipeplines that I have diagrammed in one form or another,

  • in various tech stacks (Processing, Keynote Slides, Python/Cairo/PNG, Google Docs, etc.)

  • for various purposes (Talks, Consulting, etc.)

and need to be translated into this format.

I hesitate to mention content before it is ready, but several people have asked what content is planned.

The Coffee Cup

The main concepts of the book, illustrated with a simple object.

Big Animation Studio

Modern days. Super complex.

Sandbox on Steroids

Another big animation studio, who simplified everything by getting rid of indirection and focusing on overrides.

Big Game Studio

A lot of complexity for very little visual impact. But there are good reasons for it.

Small Game Studio

Several artists, each working their own way.

Online Studio

Thousands of projects, all running the same (simple but growing) pipeline.

VR Studio

Virtual Reality needs content, and content requires pipeline.

Architectural Visualization

Augmented Reality needs pipeline, even more than VR.

A Proposal

Here is a pipeline I designed for someone. They never built it. Long story.

This Book

The pipeline for building out this website.